Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And so we enter the wide world of blogging!

So it's with a sense of trepidation and anticipation that I type this for the first time... a blog post! My tiny home based painting service is just getting off the ground, but already it's been a blast to do. This blog will be upkept for two reasons; One, to record my WIP on what I'm currently doing, and Two, to spread awareness that hey! There's a Canadian based miniatures painter whose looking for work for significantly less than some of the bigger guys out there.

As such, todays post is just an information post, to give you an idea of just who I am:

Name: Robert Mills
Wargaming Experience: 4 years of 40k!
Favourite army: Who else, but the Dragon Knights of Terra Space Marines!
Worst Enemy: Necrons! I hate those silver terminators of doom!
Favourite Wargaming Moment: I was peppering a unit of Sisters with the assault cannon on my immobilized Land Raider Redeemer, and rolled three 6's to wound them. They needed a 4+ cover save to survive, and my opponent jauntily rolls three 6's to save! The odds against that are somewhere around 300 to 1!
Things I hate most: Getting tabled, Smoke (Cigarettes and Wacky Tabacky), difficult players, and having nothing to paint.

So, as of today I just purchased about $350 of Marines, which I'm hoping to resell; I'll be posting up the list here when they arrive if anyone is interested in picking something up. In the mean time, I have a tournament to go to on saturday, and am still trying to finish a Rhino APC in time for it... current photo below (About 50% done). Thanks for reading, and I'll be posting back tomorrow with some more WIP for current clients!

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