Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 2! Ultramarines, Tyranids, and Rhinos, Oh My!

Another day, another dollar... or six, for that point!

I've gotten some more work done on my Ultramarines Commission; 8 marines from Assault on Black Reach, and a Rhino.

Cost per Marine: $3 per model
Cost for the Rhino: $16

As it stands, there're only 3 marines and the tank to go, so work's progressing nicely. As you can see from the red box, those are the two marines from the unit that were already done by the person giving me the job. I'm pretty pleased with how well they've matched up! The 5 that are done right now took maybe an hour and a half each to go, so it's a case of seeing that work get done right before your eyes as you do it! Tomorrow I'll be working more on the Tyranids for my friend Kyle, and post up pictures of the current work and how far along I've gotten. That's all for now!

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