Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orks, Orks, Orks, Orks! WAAAGH!

For the month of July I had planned on finishing my first 10 Snakebites for my ork army. They were a fun challenge, to make regular Assault on Black Reach boyz look tribal and tough. I gave them a slightly darker hue than regular boyz, in keeping with the tradition that older, and tougher orks were darker than their younger, weedier bretheren.

From the arid wastes of the desert world Arkhan II (Pulled strictly from imagination), the Snakebite boyz of Warboss GrotStompa are ready to charge across the battlefield and take round after round on the chin for the chance to get to grips with the enemy. I'll be fielding them as 'Ard Boyz.

I'll be doing a step-by-step of how to paint my boyz at some point, as well as some of the upcoming units that I'll be painting for the Motivational Challenge on the Freebootaz forum. These guys are an example of my Level 3 paintjob, so they'd be costing about $4.00 each to get them commissioned.

Next month's work should include tau, done in a colour scheme contained in the codex, originally designed for the Bork'an sept. I'll be posting up a step-by-step with them as well, though this original case will be based off the guide found on the "All Things 40k" Blog.

For now, all I can say in parting is "WAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ultramarine Job Complete!

I finished up the Ultramarine Squad and Rhino on Saturday and returned them to my client; this is my first full body project done, so it was fun to do. The pictures aren't the greatest, unfortunately, but that's mainly because the light source was the overhead of a friend's laundry room. So now all that remains is the 5 gaunts that I need to paint for my other client, and then we're on to painting things up for ebay. As it stands now, I'm looking for projects to add to my workload, so if you need something done, shoot me an email: DragonKnightStudios@hotmail.com. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 2! Ultramarines, Tyranids, and Rhinos, Oh My!

Another day, another dollar... or six, for that point!

I've gotten some more work done on my Ultramarines Commission; 8 marines from Assault on Black Reach, and a Rhino.

Cost per Marine: $3 per model
Cost for the Rhino: $16

As it stands, there're only 3 marines and the tank to go, so work's progressing nicely. As you can see from the red box, those are the two marines from the unit that were already done by the person giving me the job. I'm pretty pleased with how well they've matched up! The 5 that are done right now took maybe an hour and a half each to go, so it's a case of seeing that work get done right before your eyes as you do it! Tomorrow I'll be working more on the Tyranids for my friend Kyle, and post up pictures of the current work and how far along I've gotten. That's all for now!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And so we enter the wide world of blogging!

So it's with a sense of trepidation and anticipation that I type this for the first time... a blog post! My tiny home based painting service is just getting off the ground, but already it's been a blast to do. This blog will be upkept for two reasons; One, to record my WIP on what I'm currently doing, and Two, to spread awareness that hey! There's a Canadian based miniatures painter whose looking for work for significantly less than some of the bigger guys out there.

As such, todays post is just an information post, to give you an idea of just who I am:

Name: Robert Mills
Wargaming Experience: 4 years of 40k!
Favourite army: Who else, but the Dragon Knights of Terra Space Marines!
Worst Enemy: Necrons! I hate those silver terminators of doom!
Favourite Wargaming Moment: I was peppering a unit of Sisters with the assault cannon on my immobilized Land Raider Redeemer, and rolled three 6's to wound them. They needed a 4+ cover save to survive, and my opponent jauntily rolls three 6's to save! The odds against that are somewhere around 300 to 1!
Things I hate most: Getting tabled, Smoke (Cigarettes and Wacky Tabacky), difficult players, and having nothing to paint.

So, as of today I just purchased about $350 of Marines, which I'm hoping to resell; I'll be posting up the list here when they arrive if anyone is interested in picking something up. In the mean time, I have a tournament to go to on saturday, and am still trying to finish a Rhino APC in time for it... current photo below (About 50% done). Thanks for reading, and I'll be posting back tomorrow with some more WIP for current clients!